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Tomorrow is Autism Speaking Day. When Melanie originally explained the purpose of this assignment I was so disgusted and taken aback. I am writing about Autism Speaking Day in response to Autism Silence Day. The fact that they expect the entire Autism Community to shut up and keep quiet is absolutely absurd. They have so much to say, which has been proven by both speakers in our class: Bard and Christy. They are intelligent and logical people who have been a part of this genre of blogging which is called self-advocacy. Self-advocacy is found in all types of discrimination: gender, sex and race. Years ago, when blogging wasn’t as popular, I kind of get why Autistic self-advocates couldn’t speak out for themselves. But now, when technology is at everyone’s fingertips, why can’t they say what they want when they want to? We don’t ask the gay community to keep their mouthes shut, in fact we have a whole day where others are silent in honor of those that have been forced to be and we encourage the gay community to speak out!

One of the things I noticed by doing a little bit of Youtube research is that there are advocates in the media today for a lot of different minority groups: Oprah, Ellen, Obama. And I tried looking in today’s popular media and I couldn’t find a whole lot of Autistic people. There is Temple Grandin who is a beacon of hope for a lot of parents of children with autism, and there was an HBO special on how two autistic people got married and are living happily ever after. But if you were to measure it up, it’s not nearly comparable. Maybe it’s just time that is separating the groups. But time isn’t going to change this horrific day that encourages the Autistic Community to keep quiet. The Autistic community needs to be louder than ever. People like Bard and Christy need to continue doing what they’re doing because it is encouraging an entire population to come out from under their fear and speak for themselves instead of letting doctors and parents speak for them.


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