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My Imaginary Character

There are all kinds of people in this world. Some short, some tall. Some fat, some skinny. Some pretty, some ugly. And the rest are just typical. But what happens if they’re not typical. What happens if I look at a person and they’re simply average, but their brain works in a different way. This is what Patrick had to deal with every day. He knew he was different, but he didn’t look different. He would try to perform activities like the rest of his friends at summer camp, but simply couldn’t. There were kids that were worse off than him and there were kids much better off and sometimes he was jealous. Sometimes he envied those people and wanted to be just like them, but as hard as he tried he really couldn’t. But one day, they went bowling. This meant competition for Patrick. Patrick was very good at bowling. He has gotten scores so high that other kids were incredibly impressed with him. He would get strikes when the counselors got gutter balls. He wanted to be on a good team because he wanted everyone else to be as good as him, so he asked his friends Nina, Josh, and Amanda to be on his team, which was strange for Patrick because he liked keeping to himself a lot. He knew that if he lost he would be very upset but if he surrounded himself with good bowlers, it wouldn’t be a problem.

After reading The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime, I realized that my sentences were short and simple. I also realized that the way I described the character was simply typical. There were no outstanding features that differentiated him from anyone else. And I also surrounded him with people that were like him, although the level of autistic tendency varied. I thought my writing has changed a little bit after I realized how sensitive parts of autism is. I tried to be as sensitive but descriptive as possible. It is challenging to paint a picture that is as accurate as it is fictional. I am excited to develop the story because I have one in my head and I want to explore and I want to see how it unfolds. Generating my own character also shows how many stereotypes are engrained in my mind because they definitely come out as I create my own identity in this character. I have to decide whether or not I want to keep them or change them, but that will be for another post.


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