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The cure does not exist…

The cure does not exist. That is something that needs to be accepted. I refuse to believe in something that is not reliable information. There is no concrete evidence to prove that there is one specific way to cure Autism, so that leads me to believe that there is no actual scientific cure. I can only comprehend what people in the specialized field tell me, and I keep hearing over and over again that there is no definite “cure.” The issue that I had was that the rhetorical manifestation in parents was astonishing. I would understand if a parent of a child with cancer wants to “cure” their child, but when their child has a cancer with no cure, doesn’t the parent want to make sure that their child’s life is lived to the fullest and they are the happiest they can be?

From a disability studies perspective it is important to continue to study how to help this population. Whether it is ABA for the people that it does help, or other treatments that parents are willing to put their kids through, disability studies research is important in general. The video that we watched proved that of some of the other disorders/diseases that affect children in this day and age get much more funding for research than Autism spectrum does. Watching the video “Fixing Autism” proved that the numbers are very disappointing compared to the amount of people that are affected.

I want to take a second to talk about the video. Fathers in general remind me of the more aggressive parent. This may be a generalization but If you think about a mother and father dynamic, the mother is the nurturing one and the father is the caregiver. The father wants to protect his kids in any way they can. In some of the other things we’ve read about, parents want to correct their child of the disease they have. They want to cure their child and make them normal. This father proves that although it is difficult to raise a child with Autism, it was obvious that he valued his daughters’ differences and wanted to enrich her life the way it is. I thought it was amazing that he wasn’t trying to normalize his daughter or change her in any way. In my own experience there are more parents like this who try their hardest to give their children the same opportunities that the “typical” children get but that doesn’t mean that they parents want to change their kids. They want to provide their kids with the best opportunities they can afford but that doesn’t mean a cure is immanent.

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